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Author Topic: Hola!  (Read 459 times)

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« on: June 07, 2015, 11:02:48 am »
So, hi there, ye.
My name's Elsa, (Okina in-game)  you can call me whatever you want, but people usually call me 'Elly'.
I live in Spain, y'know, hot weather, beach, paella..
I love to draw, although my profile pic seems crappy already because I made it with my mouse. (;;). I also /love/ animals in general, -specially wolves-, writing, playing computer games, learning English, ... Ye, lots of things.
I'm currently 13, but I'll turn 14 this month~(Fun fact: My friends tend to tell me that I'm quite mature for my age.).
I'm slighty shy IRL,depending on who I talk to,  but I can easily open myself to people on the Internet, and surely start a conversation about anything random I think of.
Next year I hope to visit USA or France, depending on how expensive the travel to each country is. What else could I tell 'bout me?..Not much, actually. Since anything comes to my head right now, I'll just say the usual: I'm looking forward this awesome game, which we all hope to be released the soon as possible, and I'd love to meet everyone here, always open to make new friends!
Other games I play are:
- Last Moon (okina)
- FeralHeart (okina)


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