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Author Topic: Hello<'3  (Read 437 times)

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« on: August 11, 2015, 06:58:52 pm »
Hello loves, I'm going to say now that I go by quite three names; Tylar, Jiinxxy and SKells - it confuses people sometimes when my friends call me by a different name, so I hope no one worries too much about it.

Alright, well I discovered IOE not too long ago, and only just disovered the forum. You have no idea how happy I am that it's on a CreateAForum site, I've lived my life administrating and moderating these kinds of forums and I barely know how to use any others. I love how you've designed it <3
So far from what I've seen - the site and progress is absolutely beautiful. I've been a part of production of many Impressive Title games and they've all tried striving for what you're succeeding in. Congratulations to the staff <3

Okay so, a little bit about me I guess!

● I am a huge fan of Black Butler, Soul Eater, and not-so-much-but-still-a-fan of Death Note. Clearly though my ultimate obsession is Black Butler. Grell Sutcliff is my favourite character; s/he's my baby <'3

● I have been a part of / helped create / hosted servers for quite a few Impressive Title game servers in the past. Though since most of them didn't get as big of a community as they wanted, the majority of them shut down or died out.

● I love to cosplay. I have attended many conventions whilst in cosplay <'3 It's a big hobby of mine.

● I am a furry! I'm mostly known as Jiinxxy the British angel dragon, but I do also have two other fursonas; SKells and Lyrico.

● I adore roleplaying. As one of my OC's or another fictional character, I'm always usually up for it.

● I enjoy every form of art and literature. I'm not too confident in my own art I'm afraid, I'm more of a writer.

● My favourite animal is a bunny.

● Back onto the subject of Black Butler, actually, my friend and I are going to start the process of creating a Black Butler RPG game. We already have sprites and some ideas in mind, and we hope we can make it with the help of suggestions. With my gaming knowledge, we probably wont have to spend a penny on it, either, unless we need the help of some artists.

● Oh, I am transgender. Please, male pronouns <'3

I think I've said enough now, hehe <'3
It'll be lovely to see you all.

You may call me Tylar.


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