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Author Topic: A Wild Shurtle Has Appeared  (Read 454 times)

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A Wild Shurtle Has Appeared
« on: December 19, 2015, 05:19:13 am »
Hai hai hai!
It's so lovely to finally join this community; I was going to do it much earlier on when I at first stalked IoE but y'know, I got "distracted" (aka I just completely forgot). But here I am now, hoping to get a good start on this place :3 I've heard a lot about Isles of Eventide already, and I honestly can't wait to join in on the fun. c8

Where can you find me in-game?
I resort to all maps, always going to be logging on to say hello and have conversations with as many people as possible! So, you will most likely find me just about everywhere- unless I am purposely running away from you because I'm terrified of your presence. Joking, joking, I love you.

How can I talk to you elsewhere?
Aside from in-game and on the forums, I will happily speak on different media's. Please just shoot me a PM, or even a Whisper, and I will happily discuss what I do and do not have in terms of Instagram, Email, Skype, all sorts. Hey, I would happily get anything to talk to you all because I love getting to know people.

Do I have any preferred nicknames?
I do! I prefer you call me Sharky, Nommy, or Shurtle, maybe even Murtle, just because of the fact that my love for sharks (even though I would never go near one!) is insane. Everything about my life is already beginning to wrap around sharks, because ever since I've learned a bit more about them; they've become a really big interest, and I absolutely love their lifestyle.

If I can't see your username in-game, what character(s) are you usually on?
I have an OC called Shurtle. I roleplay with him sometimes- and will happily make all sorts of versions of this character from jaguars to pugs to lions to horses to zorses to UNICORNS to humans and everything else you can think of. So just look for 'Shurtle', and you've already found me!

Do you have any hobbies?
I do horse riding every Saturday afternoon for 3-4 hours, so be aware that I might not be on during 12:30 - 4/5:00 PM via English time. I also have school and currently preparing for my GCSE exams next year, so I'm working hard from Monday - Friday for 6 hours, and then next year I'll be all the more busy revising and doing my exams (wish me luck c:).

I personally love roleplaying, and getting an insight of the lifestyle of an animal. For instance, I am currently working on getting to know my lion and wolf lifestyles better, because when I roleplay as one; I would not like to make many mistakes and truly get into the nature of these creatures. So if you and I ever roleplay once in a while, do be warned that I take forever to create the version of Shurtle due to the fact that I am also researching the animal I am about to roleplay.

I absolutely DESPISE arguments and bad attitudes. Personally, if you're going to intentionally come across as rude, arrogant and downright aggressive towards me; then I, as a person who wishes to defend themselves, have every right to snap back. Although I hate arguing, I go by the phrase "treat people who you want to be treated". If you want to throw hatred towards me, go right ahead- but just be aware I can have the personality of a grizzly bear. I am good-natured and kind at all times apart from when it comes to people throwing insults at me. I also hate people who attention-seek, don't get me wrong most people do it because they need that attention to know they're not ghosts; but seriously, can you not do it for the purpose of having all eyes on you? Everyone deserves the spotlight as well.

When is the best time to contact me?
On school week (Monday - Friday), it would be advised to speak to me in the afternoon from 4:00 PM English time onwards, as I get back around then. On Saturday's, I'd say 8:00 AM - 12: 00 PM, and 5:00 PM - whenever I decide to go to bed. On Sunday's practically all day, I do nothing but sit in bed around then. ;]

What am I looking forward to about IoE?
Meeting YOU! Saying hi! Talking! My main objective is to talk to as many people as possible and help out whenever I can.

I have nothing more to say, except....
I wanna eat you - If that's okay?
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