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Author Topic: Howdy!~  (Read 471 times)

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  • Howdy! I'm Maggie. Maggie the wolf.
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« on: June 02, 2016, 08:31:47 pm »
Howdy! I'm Maggie; Maggie the wolf.

I've known of this game for a while, and used to have an account. Until I forgot what it was. So, here's my new one! Not that I ever really used that one anyway, lol. If you're active on the FeralHeart forums, I'm Whatever there, narwalpanda54321 in-game.

At the time of registration, I'm a middle school girl (omgsoshockingamiddleschoolerontheInternet?), and I'm apart of my district's marching band playing the flute. (The music we have this season is difficult as balls!) My OC that I plan on making my first character here is Khole, a demon-wolf. I consider myself an artist, though I rarely get the chance to post anything to my dA. I like to try and stay aware of new memes (herecomesdatboi), popular games (youwannahaveabadtimeyoudirtybrotherkiller?), and new dance moves (dothedab!). But, I have my own opinion; if I don't like something, I won't pretend to like it for the sake of being socially accepted.

I hope to see everyone around, and (hopefully) make some new friends here. Afterall, isn't that what everyone is here to do? Bond over eagerly awaiting this new game to come out and offer more things to do with our spare time, as well as our love of animals that brought us to register for this game.

ANYWAYS! All you need to know: I'm Maggie, my OC that I plan on bringing to life is a wolf, I'm in middle school, I'm an artist, I'm a flutist (don'tstartupthatit's"flautist",ipreferusing"flutist.".I'MNOTAFLOUNDER,MOM!), and marching band is diffucult as balls.

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Re: Howdy!~
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2016, 10:49:07 pm »
Hey there Maggie, I'm Rebecca, everyone calls me Shade(A main OC of mine) though.
It's nice to have you with us. :)
Your art is lovely. I've also got a DA as well if you ever want to have a poke around(will post all fun links at the end).
Till the new games comes out(Whenever that will be), they did find the old SoE to play on.
I do say, that's taken up most of my day(s) since i installed it last night. XD

Well, other then that, hope to see you around some time.
I use to play FeralHeart, but when my mind spine couldn't handle sitting around with nothing to do, but rp all the time and make maps(I enjoyed making maps and presets over all), i gave it up. Been more into games that offer more things to do, like the IT servers do. That or XBox, if not then art and vids(When my little girl gives me the time(1year old)).

Well, anyway...
Here are some of my fun links.
I run 3 youtubes(just starting one out), and help rn another with 50peeps on it).
And, if you ever end up on the SoE server. Should you come across the user BlackWolfShade with any of the character name - Shade, Savhin, Matt, Tundra, or Drop Pod(where i drop unwanted items for peeps at random). I'm always looking for somebody to play with for a while. :)  ▬▬

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Re: Howdy!~
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2016, 12:00:31 am »
Welcome to Isles of Eventide. I hope to see you in game soon!


Isles of Eventide