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Author Topic: F.A.Q. [October 2017]  (Read 5537 times)

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F.A.Q. [October 2017]
« on: September 02, 2014, 05:05:38 pm »
Isles of Eventide
Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be updated without notice to reflect the most current and accurate notes of the game, website, and team. Check back frequently to keep yourself informed.

  • What is Isles of Eventide?
    Isles of Eventide, which is in early development, will be an online multiplayer animal roleplaying game. You will be able to create and customize animal characters from a set of three species, explore and experience the vast open world setting, and make new friends in the community.

  • Who runs Isles of Eventide?
    Bloodstream Studios owns and maintains the production of Isles of Eventide, while Isles of Eventide also maintains its own set moderation team.

  • What is Isles of Eventide being made from?
    Unity3D is the game engine, you can learn more about it here!

  • What playable animals are there in Isles of Eventide?
    Initially you will have the option of playing a horse, canine, or feline.

  • Can you add [insert species here] as a playable character?
    It is the desire of Bloodstream Studios to eventually add more playable species, but this would only happen well after the game has been released and stabilized! We are not going to disclose which species those may be. However we will never add humanoids.

  • Will there be items/accessories for my character to wear?
    Yes! Some may even prove more useful than being just a pretty thing to wear, too.

  • What does the world look like?
    It is an expansive and beautiful archipelago formed by an old volcano. Each isle has its own ecosystem.

  • Can my computer handle the game?
    We can not offer minimum requirements for being able to play the game at this time. We will have many levels of rendering quality to allow people with older and weaker computers to run it. You WILL need a very strong computer to run it at full quality. We will know more about exact and ideal system requirements at a later date.

  • Will there be PvP/player versus player?
    Not upon the initial release of the game. It may be considered in future updates.

  • Is there a back-story, or a history, to how the world came to be.
    Yes, however we do not want to ruin all of the fun! You will find out when you play the game.

  • What is the release date?
    There is no set release date for the game, as it is difficult for an independent studio with minimal funding to predict that with any accuracy.

  • Will there be presets (a pre-designed/custom texture material for your character)?
    There will be a significant amount of beautiful markings, layered markings, and multi-color options in the process of creating a character. It will be easy for you to create your unique character without a preset!

    That said: yes! There will be presets. Initially they will be obtained through contests, as we do not intend to open up presets to the public for a while.

  • Who is on the team?
    Check out our thread on the team & mod FAQ!

  • Can I be a part of the team?
    We appreciate your interest in joining our team! If you believe you have the necessary skills to help further the development of the project, you'll need to contact an administrator. Otherwise, no, we aren't seeking any moderators right now. The need for them is limited and when we do feel it necessary to hire more mods, we will have a system in place for applications.

  • How much does the game cost?
    The base game will be free to play. There are planned expansions and features that you will be able to buy to enhance the experience and help contribute to the support of continued work on the game and website!

  • Where do I report broken rules and bugs?
    Report it here.

  • Will there be another Kickstarter? Have you considered [insert crowdfunding site here]?
    Unfortunately at the time we aren't looking to do another Kickstarter, but we may be putting up a general donations site in the future.

  • Things are quiet. Are you still in development?
    Yes, we are still in development as of October 2017.
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