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Author Topic: Rules & Guidelines  (Read 1826 times)

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Rules & Guidelines
« on: August 14, 2014, 03:54:17 pm »
Isles of Eventide
Rules & Guidelines

"We", "Us", and "Our" refers to BloodStream Studios.

"You", "Your/s", refers to YOU the reader and assumed account holder.

BloodStream Studios reserves the right to add, change, or/and delete these rules at any time. It is considered, by our team, to be your responsibility to understand the rules. It is your responsibility to contact an administrator if there is any confusion regarding our rules and to remain in contact with an administrator until you fully understand the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse for poor behavior.

COPPA - COPPA is the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. You MUST be thirteen (13) years or older to join our site and game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

RESPECT - You are expected to be respectful toward everyone and everything. You don't have to like someone to show basic human decency. This also covers respect of material works - to not steal or claim any artwork or literary subject as your own. Be kind to others, ask and wait for permission before taking material that does not belong to you, be courtesy of others boundaries. You are not entitled to any users information or their materials. Hateful or harmful speech or material posted about race, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health, physical appearances, or religion are considered forms of harassment and disrespect.

EXPLICIT CONTENT - We do not allow under any circumstances pornographic or graphic violent material in any form (literary, visual, etc). If you're not sure whether or not the content you wish to share with the community is appropriate or not, please contact an administrator.

APPROPRIATE SITE USE - Do not abuse the functions of our website/forums. An example of this would be to use the "Report Post" link to report a post for content that does not require reporting. DO NOT report a post to complain about community members, staff, updates, or to ask any questions. All questions and concerns can be posted in the appropriate help boards of our forums. If you are reporting a post, we expect you are reporting it for rules broken in that post. Other abuses of the forum may include intentionally posting content in a board that it doesn't belong to or over-use of smiley faces.
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Rules & Guidelines


Isles of Eventide