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Author Topic: SOE 'Revived' FAQ  (Read 607 times)

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SOE 'Revived' FAQ
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:42:16 pm »
Why is SOE up? I thought it was closed.
It's purely accidental. We didn't realize users were accessing the game and getting online until news had spread. So we left it as is.

Will there be new updates?
No. We're putting all of our work into Isles of Eventide.

Can I have my NEW preset added?
No, that would require a game update, which we're not doing.

What if I did the updates for you?
That's very kind of you to offer, but no thank you.

Will SOE be shut down once IOE comes out?
Most likely yes.

Can my EXISTING preset be added to my character?
Yes, if you have a preset already in the server from before we shut down, it is possible for it to be reassigned to your character. It may take some time however, as this isn't a priority of ours. More information here.

Is Sanctum of Eventide the same as Isles of Eventide?
No. SANCTUM of Eventide is an 'Impressive Title' server. Impressive Title was a game made by KovuLKD in 2008. ISLES of Eventide will be an all new game made on an entirely different engine with its own unique models and game mechanics, entirely unrelated to any 'Impressive Title' server.

Can I be a mod/admin to help keep an eye on things and spawn stuff?

But the server is so dead! If I could spawn prey it would liven it up.
It might liven it up, but we aren't worried about SOE being dead right now. Our priority is Isles of Eventide.

The server kicked me with a message saying I've been banned?
It is MOST LIKELY an error. Try to log in a few more times. If after a few days you continue to receive the "You have been banned" message, please contact an administrator privtely with your in game username.
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