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Author Topic: Ascendants RP seeking members  (Read 439 times)

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Ascendants RP seeking members
« on: November 14, 2016, 08:38:44 pm »
That's right Asyl Ascendants is seeking out active and dedicated Roleplayers and art lovers alike.
We are looking to set up a Forum based RP group that will have it's own Main RP plot that is played on the site/forum
And then also play in game on FH and IoE(once it comes out).
We are still seeking out members with ideas to help us set up and take part in this new Forum group for some epic adventures of the Role-Playing world. So come take part with us.
RP on the main forum part will be turned into a story, art, and comic down the road as we go.
We ask that you be ready to be active and dedicated to this so we can get it not just going and started, but to keep it going. As we don't want to get stuck mid RP somewhere because a player drops out on us without knowing and no idea how to keep going without killing that character off or something.
If you have any questions, post here, pm me here. but i may be slow to getting around to replies here.
I always have the rp site up, even when i'm not home or on. So you can post in the shout box there(even without joining). Or find me at;
find me on KIK as WhiteWolfTundra
Or pm me on Skype as live:shade102691  ▬▬


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